Promotional materials are some of the ways so that you can have your company name and logo in front of your customers, and anyone near them, as much as possible. Once you utilize the correct promotional items, your ROI could increase revenue and sales. There are several various kinds of Olive Hill promotional materials aside from a pen or T-shirt that you can utilize to effectively market your business. Here are the following: 

Coffee mug 

Coffee mugs are something that people will put on their desks the whole day. These people won’t only be reminded of your company as they use it, also anyone who will see the mug. Consider how frequent people in your workplace go to the coffee machine daily and you will obtain the idea of how influential a marketing material can be, which in this case a coffee mug. The most effective types to offer would be ceramic mugs with your logo and company name printed. 


Individuals tend to search for their keys approximately twice per day—once they start their vehicle to leave for work and once they begin their vehicle to get home. A keychain is a thing that people usually see often and the car’s passengers will also see it. You can add some features to a keychain, a small flashlight or a bottle opener so that people will use it more frequently. Also, you can incorporate a personal alarm on the keychain.  


Using an umbrella as a marketing material might not seem to be an effective one, however, it could be something that displays an extremely positive image, especially if it’s properly done. Have umbrellas that contain your company name and logo as large as possible. This way, people can see it from far away.  We all know that umbrellas are utilized to keep you safe from natural elements. Once the name of your company is placed on an umbrella that protects someone, the umbrella and your company itself might be a topic of discussion. 


Brochures are utilized to present the services or products of a company to their potential customers and targeted audience. Brochures can be a small booklet or designed to fit on one folded sheet. The size variety enables them to be very flexible since they have can give a great number of details to the viewer. Brochures can also help to allow the clients to adhere to a particular call to action and help in producing new business. 


This material is a relatively affordable type of advertising and is meant for mass distribution. Flyers are manufactured on one sheet of paper and usually used to promote or inform more particular information like new products or services or special promotion or sale.  


Posters are beautiful pieces that are intended to promote a particular event, service, or products. They could greatly differ in style, shape, and size, which gives as much or little details that you want to put in the poster.